Antonio Lopez

Born in Puerto Rico in 1943 and raised in Spanish Harlem, Antonio Lopez completed his education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he met fellow student, Juan Ramos with whom he formed a life long creative and business partnership working together as "Antonio" first working for Women's Wear Daily and subsequently for the New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, and numerous other publications, this brilliant virtuoso style and mastery of technique coincided with the emergence of the youth culture of the 60's where for the first time, fashion was a collaboration between the young and their street style, music, and art. In 1972, Antonio bought a Kodak Instamatic Camera and began to document the wide variety of players in his social life. He photographed in series'. These photographs were mounted on sheets and showed another aspect of his art. Antonio died in 1987.
Antonio Lopez
Motorcycle Drawing II, 19741
Antonio Lopez Angelo Colon, 19842
Antonio Lopez Fantasy Shoes IV, 19783
Antonio Lopez Shoe Metamorphosis: Jane Thorvaldson, 19784
Antonio Lopez Pat Cleveland, Paris, 19755
Antonio Lopez, Fantasy Shoes VIII, 19786