About Herb Wise

Herb Wise was the principal photographer for Oak Publications, a company that specialized in publications on the Blues and Folk Music. Throughout the 70's and 80's Herb travelled extensively to the homes where these musicians lived and to the concerts and festivals where they performed.Most of Herb's photos can be viewed on his website: www.musicfotos.com and he can be contacted through the website at: photoeditor@musicfotos.com
Herb Wise, Rings, Ann Arbor, MI 19731
 Herb Wise, Philadelphia Folk Festival, PA 1978 2
Herb Wise, Sam Chatmon, Toronto, Canada 19743
Herb Wise, Jackson Browne, Toronto, Canada 197214
Herb Wise, Booker T. Washington Bukka White, Toronto, Canada 19741 5
Herb Wise, Philadelphia Folk Festival, PA 19786
Herb Wise, Leonard Emanual, Hollerer, Vienna, VA 19757
Herb Wise, Banjo Player, Petersburg, NY 19738
Herb Wise, Jim Croce, New York, NY 19739