About Horst P. Horst

Born in Germany in 1906, Horst P. Horst went to Paris and apprenticed with Le Corbusier. A chance meeting with Baron George Hoyningen-Huene changed the course of his life, opening doors to a career in photography and a life spent among the artistic and social achievers of Paris and New York. Horst worked chiefly for Conde Nast Publications and over the course of sixty years, he photographed fashion and major personalities. A master of light and shadow, Horst's love of classical architecture and sculpture figure prominently in much of his work. His dramatic ligting, elegance, and imaginative settings changed the look of portrait and fashion photography. Nudes, interiors, flowers, landscape, and still life all reflect his mastery of line and form. Horst has had major exhibitions at the Louvre, International Center for Photography, and soon in Berlin. Horst died in 1999.
HORST, Mainbocher Corset, Paris, 19391
After the Party, 19512
HORST Round the Clock, 19873
Male Nude, Reclining, 19524
Gertrude Stein and Horst, 19455
Cornus Kousa, 19456
Still Life, 19377
Horst Anthurium with Tulip, 1989 8
Hands, 1941 9