About Bert Stern, David Gahr, & Phil Stern

The black and white photographs in this exhibition proide insight into the life and mind of the artists, giving a glimpse of the transcendant joy, pleasure, sadness, fatigue and camaraderie of the life of the musician.

On the weekend of July 4th, 1958, Vogue photographer Bert Stern filmed the Newport Jazz Festival. The result was a ground breaking documentary featuring performances by Louis Armstrong, Gerry Mulligan, Dinah Washington, among many others. Bert Sten's photographs were shot during the filming of the documentary and reflect the joyous spirit of that rare moment in time.

David Gahr has been photographing the music scene since 1959. His work has appeared in major publications including Time, Life,People, and Rolling Stone magazines and he has produced numerous books. His work captures the dedication and character of the artist he has photographed, including, B.B.King, Mississppi John Hurt, Big Momma Thornton, and Muddy Waters.

Working as the Hollywood correspondent for Life magazine. Phil Stern began photographing musicians in the 40's. His easy rapport with the artists is evident in his photographs of the Art Tatem, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday.

Bert Stern Collection
2004: Suzy to Twiggy
2007: Music & Fashion
2007: Stern in Stern

Phil Stern Collection
2004: A Life's Work


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