About George Kalinsky

George Kalinsky celebrates his 38 year tenure as the official photographer of Madison Square Garden. Kalinsky has covered everything from sports to political conventions. "The Garden" is the home to the Westminster Dog Show, rock concerts, championship boxing, the circus, and the horse show, and Kainsky was there to cover the greatest moments. This exhibition presents the exciting moments in sports and entertainment from Kalinsky's unique vantage point and with his verve and style. For the 125th anniversay of Madison Square Garden - Stewart, Tabori, and Chang published Kalinsky's latest book.
George Kalinsky
Joe Frazier1
George Kalinsky
Perfect 2
George Kalinsky Emile the Cat Francis, 19703
George Kalinsky
Venus Williams4
George Kalinsky The King, June 9, 19725
George Kalinsky Jimi Hendrix, May 18, 19696
George Kalinsky, Muhammed Ali, The Greatest, 19677
George Kalinsky
The Captain Returns, May 8th, 19708
George Kalinsky George Foreman, June 23rd, 19699

Past Exhibitions

2004: Garden of Dreams