About Daniel Kramer

Kramer first saw the young Bob Dylan on a TV show and was so impressed with his performance and his lyrics that he spent many months pursuing a photo session with the singer. What resulted was more than a year of photographing Dylan, with a unique, almost unlimited access; photographing him at home, backstage, at concert performances, and in the photographer's studio. Kramer's collection of Bob Dylan photographs was made during the mid 1960's when Bob Dylan was transforming himself from a popular folk singer into an international rock star. Based on Kramer's 1967 book, which was the first major work about Bob Dylan, these photographs illuminate the working and behind-the-scenes life of one of the great artists of our time.
Daniel Kramer
Bob Dylan Portrait1
Daniel Kramer
Bob Dylan2
Daniel Kramer
Bob Dylan and Joan Baez 3
Daniel Kramer Bob Dylan backlit on stage / Forest Hills Stadium NYC 19654
Daniel Kramer5
Daniel Kramer
Bob Dylan and Sally Grossman BIABH 6
Daniel Kramer
Bob Dylan reading newspapers 7
Daniel Kramer8
Daniel Kramer Bob Dylan with dark sunglasses9