About Erica Lennard

Erica Lennard was born in New York City in 1950, she studied at the San Francisco Art Institute before moving to Paris where her career began. There her first book was published, 'Les Femmes Les Soeurs', her first exhibitions took place and her first assignments in fashion and portraiture began for Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Interview and Rolling Stone. Over the years her work has been exhibited internationally, her books published in several countries, including the immensely successful 'Art of Doing Nothing' and she has contributed to the worlds leading magazines, and continues to do special commercial assignments.
Erica Lennard Bamboo, East Hampton, 20001
Erica Lennard2
Erica Lennard3
Erica Lennard Palais D'Ete, Summer Palace, Beijing, 2001 4
Erica Lennard Li Yuan Garden Suzhou, 2001 5
Erica Lennard Courances, 19806
Erica Lennard Garden of the Humble Administrator, 20017
Erica Lennard Li Yuan Garden Suzhou, 20018
Erica Lennard Parc de Sceaux, Self Potrait, 19809