About Norman Parkinson

In a career that spanned seven decades, Norman Parkinson rose from an apprentice in a fashionable London portrait studio to the world's best known known fashion photographers. After establishing how own portrait studio in 1934 he began to work on assignments for Harper's Bazaar. His work brought a freshness to fashion photography and featured witty, independent women. Over the years Parkinson, known to all as "Parks" developed his own eccentric persona. A self created dandy, he assumed a very English and vaguely military air, and was much beloved for his joie de vivre. He moved to the island of Tobago in the West Indies in 1963, and worked extensively for Town and Country magazine. He died in 1990 at 77, at the top of his form.
Norman Parkinson Jump, Isle of Wight, Harper's Bazaar, 19391
Norman Parkinson Katherine Pastire, Queen, Tahiti, 1960 2
Norman Parkinson Norman Parkinson and Frauke, Tobago, 1985 3
Norman Parkinson Golfing Le Touquet, Simpsons suits at the links, Harper's Bazaar, 1939 4
Norman Parkinson The Young Look in Theater, 1953 5
Norman Parkinson Jean Patchett, Spring Collections, Vogue, 1950 6
Norman Parkinson The Little Dining, Room, Petworth, 19547
Norman Parkinson Wenda, in Tweed Suit, 19514 8
Norman Parkinson The Rolling Stones, Queen, 19649