About Herb Ritts

The elegance and sensuality of Herb Ritts' vision pervades his portraits and fashion studies as well as his nudes. His art is an evocation of glamour and sleek, refined beauty. Ritts fuses the classical traditions of photography with a fresh modern idiom.Inspired by the landscape of the West, Herb Ritts has achieved his vision of physical perfection through the interplay sunlight and shadow, textures of sand, stucco, clay and mud, fabric veiling: all employed to glorify the human body.As a portrait photographer, Ritts was the great iconographer of the late twentieth century. His ability to elevate his subject into myth has made him the preferred photographer among international celebrities. Herb RItts died in December, 2002.
Herb Ritts Neith with Tumbleweed, Paradise Cove, 19861
Herb Ritts Back Flip, Paradise Cove, 1987 2
Herb Ritts  Male Nude with Bubble, Los Angeles, 19873
Herb Ritts, Djimon with Octopus, Hollywood, 19894
Herb Ritts, Versace Dress, Backview, El Mirage, 1990 5
Herb Ritts Stephanie with Flower, Los Angeles, 19896
Herb Ritts, Fred with Tires, Hollywood, 19847
Herb Ritts Madonna, True Blue, Hollywood, 19868
Herb Ritts Alek Wek, Los Angeles, 19989