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About Bert Stern

Bert Stern conceived of his ultimate photographic romance with a vivacious woman on his flight to Rome in thespring of 1962. He was at the height of his success, eagerly sought after by art directors and fashion editors, and able to gain access to nearly any celebrity- so why not America’s leading sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Bert Stern wanted more than a historically conic image of the movie star: “ What I wanted from Marilyn Monroe was the nudes because I couldn’t think of anything to put on her.”In his book The Last Sitting, Bert Stern commented, “ I was preparing for Marilyn’s arrival like a lover, and yet I was here to take photographs. Not to take her in my arms, but to turn her into tones, and planes, and shapes, and ultimately an image for the printed page.”
Bert Stern Elizabeth Taylor, VOGUE, 19611
Bert Stern Paris collections, Courreges. VOGUE, 19672
Bert Stern Marlon Brando, New York, 19613
Bert Stern Twiggy: Paris Collections, VOGUE, 1967 (Table with TV and still-life4
Bert Stern Sue Lyon as Lolita, LOOK, 1960 (Close-up)5
Bert Stern Audrey Hepburn, Paris, VOGUE, 19666
Bert Stern Twiggy: Paris Collections, VOGUE, 1967 (Bridget Riley Painting)7
Bert Stern David Bailey and Veruschka, VOGUE, 19618
Bert Stern Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, 19629