About Alfred Wertheimer

Alfred Wertheimer was a freelance photographer shooting stories to sell to Life and Paris Match and making ends meet with the money made from photographing people such as Arthur Rubenstein, Joel Grey, and Julius LaRosa. In March o 1956, Anne Fulchino, publicist for the Pop Record Division of RCA Victor, wanted Wertheimer to photograph a new young musician named Elvis Presley. Wertheimer had never heard of the singer, but agreed anyway. What started as just another assignment, became one of the greatest eyewitness essays in show business history. Wertheimer and his camera followed the young 21 year old Elvis during the beginning months of his career, capturing intimate moments of the rising star.
Alfred Wertheimer The Kiss, 19561
Alfred Wertheimer Penn Station, New York City, July 1, 1956 2
Alfred Wertheimer Starburst Russwood Park, Memphis, 19563
Alfred Wertheimer First Arrival NYC, June 29, 19564
Alfred Wertheimer Elvis Presley and high school sweetheart Barbara Hearn, listening to Don't be Cruel, July 4, 1956 5
Alfred Wertheimer Elvis Presley and his date backstage at the Mosque Theatre, Richmond, Virginia, June 30, 19566
Alfred Wertheimer Elvis Presley on a Harley Motorcycle, 19567
Alfred Wertheimer Elvis Presley performs at Russwood Park, Memphis 19568
Alfred Wertheimer Intimate Whisper, Richmond, Virginia, 19569

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