About Bob Willoughby

Bob Willoughby was born and raised in Hollywood. He started his career photographing jazz musicians. He eventually worked freelance on movie sets. He now lives in the South of France. As the great years of Hollywood portrait photography faded, along with the decline of Hollywood studio, a new type of film photography emerged. The economics of film publicity changed the films now had to compete with television for magazine space. Studios decided to employ photographers to shoot on the set during filming, and in 1953 Bob Willoughby became the first.
Bob Willoughby, Katherine Hepburn. Walking in the Winslow mountains outside Dublin when she was filming 1
Bob Willoughby, Barbara Streisand as an Arab princess, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, 1963 2
Bob Willoughby3
Bob Willoughby, The New York City Ballet Theatre in rehearsal of Graduation Ball, 1952. Los Angeles4
Bob Willoughby 5
Bob Willoughby, Kevin Kline6
Bob Willoughby, Romantic leading man in the 40's Charles Boyer still has it in 1953. Seznick Studios7
Bob Willoughby, Anne Bancroft cool and compose in the midst of wires and cables. The Graduate, 19678
Bob Willoughby, Montgomery Clift on the MGM film, Raintree Country, 19569