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It's March Madness For Art Lovers In NYC On

Though NYC abounds with provocative art shows and auctions nearly any day of the year, March is a particularly flush time for art lovers. In addition to seasonal auctions and exhibitions, Armory Week (March 3-6) and Asia Week (March 10-19) bring fine art spanning cultures and centuries. Below, a look at some of the most compelling fairs, shows and auctions of note this month.

At Staley-Wise Gallery, visitors are whisked into another world in the gravity-defying 1960s fashion snaps of New York-based photographer Melvin Sokolsky (on view thru April 18). Sokolsky’s surrealist-influenced photography features floating globes traversing such photogenic cities as Paris and NYC (pictured above). 560 Broadway, 212.966.6223

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