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Tim Hall began his career as staff photographer for the London-based Redferns Music Picture Library.  His images of jazz and rock musicians including Miles Davis and Prince have appeared in magazines, books, and newspapers throughout the world.

During the 1990s, Hall lived and worked in Southeast Asia where he photographed indigenous people and landscapes extensively in Indochina.  In 1997, Hall shot a cross-section of Hong Kong society to mark the end of British rule and this body of work was exhibited around the world to great acclaim.  In 2003, Hall journeyed to India and photographed the inhabitants of Varanasi, capturing remarkable scenes of worshippers in the river Ganges during the Lunar Festival and striking portraits of the dwellers of this ancient city.

Hall has recently begun to focus on landscape imagery of dunes in the Sahara Desert and the seascape and beach scenes of England.

Publications of his work include Cambodia - A Portrait (Elsworth Books, 1993), Vietnam - A Portrait (Elsworth Books, 1994), Myanmar - The Golden Land (Elsworth Books, 1996), and many others. 

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