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Patrick Demarchelier, Leonardo DiCaprio, 1999

Patrick Demarchelier

Leonardo DiCaprio, 1999

For over four decades Patrick Demarchelier has captured iconic fashion imagery in the form of editorials, advertising campaigns (including many collaborations with Carine herself), and portraiture. His work is known for its elegance, not for being controversial. Think old-school Saint Laurent B.H. (before Hedi). Many of Demarchelier's works might be easily recognizable, but a new exhibition at New York City's Staley-Wise Gallery has decided to celebrate his genius by displaying never-before-shown photographs, a fitting homage to the noted fashion photographer.

Patrick Demarchelier: 1992-2017 is a retrospective of his work from the last 25 years. His love affair with photography began in the early '60s, where like many creatives, he had to work his way up. He began in darkrooms before assisting photographers, experiences that would prepare him for his future role as photographer of choice for major magazine publications. Each piece displayed throughout the gallery beautifully highlights an interplay between freedom and composure. His very own strand of creative DNA.

But despite the many editorial images that hang proudly on display at Staley-Wise, it is his black-and-white portraits of global cultural icons that shine. RuPaul, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele Bündchen, Richard Avedon, and Princess Diana have all sat for the French photographer. Each image is simple in composition, a vulnerable depiction of our brightest stars. Expressing both poise and style, they seem to reveal their inner selves devoid of any celebrity hoopla.

Patrick Demarchelier: 1992-2017 is on view now through April 14. 

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